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In regards to your product; Sweetshooter: we did some testing before and after using your product in two different rifles. Prior to testing, both guns were thoroughly cleaned and a fouling shot was fired through each gun. We then fired three rounds through each across the chronograph and the results were recorded. We then fired twenty rounds through each gun pulling Sweetshooter through the bore after watch shot. Three more rounds were then fired across the chronograph and the results recorded and checked against the first test. We did get an increase in velocity as you thought we would, but what was surprising was the decrease in deviation of speed between the rounds. Both guns were then cleaned by pulling a clean patch through the bore which came out almost as clean as it went in. It is our opinion that the use of your product will increase accuracy as well as aid in the ease of cleaning. We would recommend that every gun owner use your product."

Daniel H
Tishomingo, OK

"Dear Bill,
It was a pleasure seeing again at the Pasadena Gun Show this past weekend. I was also pleased to be able to pick up some more of your treatment products also.

I didn't get to share with you the great results I had from using your products. I applied the treatment oil to a new S&W pistol before I took it to the range to shoot it in. While at the range, I follow the instructions and swabbed the barrel before and between each shot. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the barrel had not fouled, and clean up was accomplished with a dry rag to remove the "dust".

Pleased with those results, I treated an old 1911 Colt that I have put in excess of 5000 rounds through. The treatment brought a deep shine back to the frame and slide. Next trip to the range I swabbed the barrel with the oil between each shot. I experienced the same results as I had with the new pistol... no barrel fouling! Again, clean up was accomplished with a dry rag simply wipe off the "dust".

Bill, you have a great product that performs better than you suggested it would. I have begun treating all my fire arms and even my knives. If you ever have a skeptical customer that finds it hard to believe your treatment oil will work well, have them call me!"

Lewis J.
Houston, TX