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Protection Without Buildup

Tecrolan creates a film inside the pore structure as well as a continuous micro-thin surface film. It is important to note that the film will not build up on itself so no tolerance changes will occur. This is especially important in treating hydraulics and pneumatics where tolerances are very close.

Surface preparation is critical. This is the key to the success of dry film lubrication. It must become part of the surface it protects. If the pore structure is not cleaned out, a continuous film cannot be formed effectively. The cleaning is accomplished by the carrier/solvent.

The carrier or solvent prepares the surface by dissolving carbon, varnish and dirt. In internal combustion engines, the microscopic metal particles that have worn away and become embedded in the pore structure are suspended in the oil. This combination of sludge and metal particles is removed with normal oil change.

Since the solvent evaporates with engine temperature, it is necessary for an engine to run for a recommended period of time (usually one hour) before shutdown to complete the surface preparation.

Since the film is burnished into the metal by reciprocity of opposing surfaces (i.e.: rings against the cylinder walls), a recommended amount of running time before changing the oil is required to complete the film.