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Dry Film Engine Treatment

Improve Engine Performance

Reduce heat and drag from your engines by applying Tecrolan. This lubricant treats the metal of bearing surfaces and dramatically reduces friction. Your engine will run cooler and more efficiently, with greater fuel economy, less vibration, better compression, a greater margin of safety, and, most certainly, a longer life.

Tecrolan engine treatment reaches deep within metal to work on diesel engines as well as gasoline engines. Unlike conventional lubrication products, the resin in Tecrolan is an extremely fine grind, submicron in size with the largest particles being 3 microns in size. It can be burnished into the microscopic pores of a metal surface where large particles could never reach. If you do not experience the results we promise you will receive a full, money-back guarantee.

The Tecrolan System

It is important to know that Tecrolan is a system, taking into account the type of surface to be treated, the porosity, the size of the surface areas, the proper lubrication medium, the method of application and the time frame needed to complete the film. The success of dry film lubrication is dependent on:

  • Proper surface preparation
  • Using the right lubrication medium

Enjoy 3 types of Tecrolan lubrication for your engine:

  • Use Tecrolan liquid where carbon and varnish need to be eliminated, cooling systems and power steering units.
  • Use Tecrolan Gear Lube in manual transmissions and differentials.
  • Use Tecrolan Heavy Duty Grease in wheel bearings and chassis.

  • One 8 oz. can only: $19.95
  • One 32 oz. can only: $79.95
  • One 128 oz. can only: $244.95