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Extend the Life of Your Gun

Having a clean gun can help you prolong the life of your firearm. SWEETSHOOTER seals your weapon with a micro-thin film, so air can't get to the metal and cause rust and corrosion. With pores filled with our cleaning agent, powder residue, leading, and fouling are a thing of the past. There won't be any place for those harmful deposits to collect, except for on the surface of the film which you can easily wipe off.

Once is Enough for a Lifetime

If you hunt, target practice, or collect firearms, you need SWEETSHOOTER. This gun treatment is a one-time application that cleans, lubricates, and protects your firearms. It lets you store your weapons DRY so that dust and dirt do not collect and become abrasive. After the treatment, simply use it to wipe down the outside and surface of the bore.

Take smoother, more accurate shots
with an application of SWEETSHOOTER.

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About Us

Protect the firearms that protect you with the finest gun cleaner known to man. When you clean with SWEETSHOOTER, you shut out the atmosphere and elements from damaging your weapon. Owner and inventor, Bill, created SWEETSHOOTER in 1991 in a small barn in Palo Pinto, Texas. After several attempts, he was able to create a solution for rust. He sold his first can in Houston at the Astrodome in 1993. Since then he has been selling SWEETSHOOTER at gun shows across the country.

If you are not happy with what you purchase, call and let us know how it worked for you, if you are not satisfied we will provide a full refund, as of yet we have never had a request for our REAL money-back guarantee.

(844) 519-9815

Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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